A checklist for Spotify success

Yes, you should be releasing singles on Spotify, but don’t ever link to them!

This might sound like crazy talk, and maybe I’ve sensationalized the headline a bit, but here’s the thing: if you link to a single on Spotify you’re wasting an opportunity to drive more streaming activity.

You’re sending your fans to listen to only one song, and when that song is over Spotify will kindly serve up something else in the queue or start making its own recommendations. Either way, chances are good that what follows your single will NOT be one of your songs.

Instead of sharing a link to a single on Spotify:

  1. Make sure you’ve created a playlist with more of your music (go HERE for some playlist ideas)
  2. Add your new song to the top of that playlist
  3. Title or re-title the playlist to reflect something about the new song (it could even have the same name as the single)
  4. Click the ellipses (usually next to the play button) and grab the link for the playlist
  5. Share your playlist, like so…

Then when your single is done playing, listeners might hear more of your music! And every play is monetized.

For more information about driving streaming activity through playlists, download our free guide.