How one singer used AirBnB to book gigs

Musicians can use AirBnB to make new fans.

Jay Johnson is a young singer-songwriter in London, and he’s taken a clever angle on concert booking and promotion: AirBnB. The online hospitality marketplace recently started offering “experiences,” fun events that travelers can take part in while they’re visiting a new city.

Jay saw an opportunity for tourists to to combine a trip to a notable London cocktail bar with a couple hours of his music. From the testimonials on his AirBnB page, it’s working — and he’s offering periodic experiences at this same venue, so it’s kinda like a residency with a revolving audience.

Check out the AirBnB page for this concert experience to see how Jay describes this “intimate music night.”

This is a good example of an artist thinking creatively about how to set themselves apart. Kudos to Jay for using a new Internet tool to bring people together the old fashioned way, in person, and up-close for a live performance.

Have you done something similar?

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