One of YouTube’s newer card options lets you poll your fans

Your video viewers can weigh in:

  • * What song should you cover next?
  • * Which of your studio tracks should you make a video for?
  • * Who was their favorite actor in the video?
  • * Did they prefer the guitar solo or the synth solo?

This feature is perfect for a channel such as Epic Rap Battles of History where the content is, in large part, driven by audience suggestions and engagement. You know their question at the end of every video: “Who won? YOU DECIDE!”

Your usage of poll cards might be more… subtle, but they do give you a great way to ask your fans what’s working best for them.

Adding poll cards is pretty intuitive, but if you need more details, check out this video:


Do you poll your fans? What do you ask them? How does their feedback effect your creative decisions? Let me know in the comments below.

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