The New Myspace. Does it Stand a Chance?

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Myspace has released a video featuring an upcoming reboot of the ailing company’s flagship social platform. As you can see, the video does an amazing job of showcasing what looks like the future of social media. In fact, it makes Facebook look like the Model-T of interface design. And it raises the question: Did Justin Timberlake actually know what he was doing when he invested heavily in the purchase of the company from News Corp last year?

But will a slick new interface bring back the users that have been fleeing Myspace for years now? And is the new Myspace really as easy and sexy as the video makes it seem?

The new design does seem to borrow heavily from the Pinterist-style photo-montage layout, while integrating music and social aspects.

It’s hard to tell what the future will hold for Myspace based on just 2 minutes of video, but it would be quite a feat for the former social networking giant to catapult back to the forefront of music and social media.

Are you ready to dust off your old Myspace account and give this new version a spin? More importantly, do you still remember your password?

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  • Jenn

    Feat, not feet.

  • As long as the tastemakers out there pick up on it, Myspace 2.0 can make a solid comeback, though it wouldn’t have hurt them to reboot under another name.

  • Sure…I think it stands a chance. Barely believe I'm saying it, but yeah – looks like they're doing it right.

  • PaulAndrea

    YES… Ready to Re-Boot My MySpace!!! What is New is now Old..and what was Old is Now NEW!

  • TJR

    Who knows…..It might just………? 🙂

  • Zlugx

    I miss the old MySpace, back before they tried to Facebook-ify it. But this seems too ridiculous. People freaked about Facebook’s Timeline that made our eyes zip back and forth between two columns; do we really want overdose on side scrolling and pop-ups to dive into multiple layers of posts and pics? Those of us with slower connections both at home and on our phones don’t want to wait as every page of someone’s profile buffers. Not to mention my now eight year-old connections are mostly un-maintained and broken. It feels like party host bringing in a lightshow, fancy tableware, and louder music to keep people interested after most of the guests have gone.

    • AmyG

      True, this: I look at my old myspace page and it’s tattered and broken. Thanks Zlugx, for letting me know I’m not the only one

  • The Bronco Kid

    I'm Rootin' For You! ~TBK

  • Thanks. Fixed it.

    • Also, that’s not what “begs the question” means… 🙂

  • Marz

    Interesting. I will log in and give it my personal "musician's beta testing". Thanks for the heads up on the new MySpace. I hope give musicians more freedom to network and the general public global options to customize who can reach them. This would allow us musicians to network until our heart's content while also giving normal users the power to not be effected if they want to opt out.

  • AmyG

    Wow, so true! What the heck was my password??

  • Gabe Shakour

    So excited for the new myspace!

  • I think it looks real good, a lot better than the previous versions. And it seems tonnes more intuitive, so I hope that it will be a lot more easier to discover new bands. Thanks for the share.

  • I liked the old Myspace before they Facebook-ify it because at least on the old myspace you can copy and paste html codes to your page, you can't do that in Facebook, Myspace was like having your own personal website, as a rap artist i started my very own website and it's very similar to building up like the old Myspace HTML codes.

  • ukraineman

    No. The biggest part of the problem with MySpace was the fact that there were NOcontrols on who got accounts…we're starting to see the same thing with fake Facebook profiles as well but to a lesser degree. And there was a CONSTANT barrage of invites and stupid STUPID band advertisements and promos. Sorry musicians, but we got all googly-eyed over finally being able to communicate ideas to a lot of people at the same time but then we communicated the WRONG idea…that we didn;t care about the people, just about their dollars and presence at shows.
    I think MySpace should have just changed it's name and started from scratch, even with signups…


  • Its possible because people are tired of facebook. Though personally, that design looks fancy, but not user friendly.

  • Ah. fixed it!

  • juepucta

    How many times does stockholder Timberlake show up in that vid?

  • Sue Trickey

    I will dust off my old myspace and give this a try, i do not go there much these days! It was the first site I set up online and loved it back then, Hope the new changes draws people back in again..It has needed something new.

  • EddyJFree

    I’ll give it a try.

  • Jimmi Ritz Reitzler

    I read about this a Month Ago and I hope MySpace Works because facebook doesn’t seem to like Music people to much (they seem to want to talk about Dogs and Cats all the time).I’m still on there just Google me.Jimmi Ritz Reitzler

  • Kissfan77

    At least myspace doesn’t inundate me with facebook notifications in my email box. I still use the site and prefer it. I don’t need all these stupid applications of farmville etc. People have lives to live instead of spending it with those mindless games and wasting time.

  • nobody

    i watched the vid of the new myspace, but it looks confusing and a little messy to me. Sorry guys. The old original myspace was a neat format in my opinion. This new one looks like it scrolls. Maybe good for smart phones and tablets but ya know, some of us still use a laptop. It reminds me of a horizontal version of facebook timeline which is the main reason I’m considering closing my facebook account.

  • Fred

    I'll give Myspace another try, as I still have the account. I'd like a music social media site that I paid a reasonable fee for, and then had some say (voting, etc) on how it was run. Kinda socialist I know, but FB is mainly collecting data on us all, and who knows what they'll do with it.