Musomap: Helping Local Musicians Connect the Global Dots

Despite all our online interconnectivity, it’s often easy to feel isolated. Now there’s a way to see, on a street-by-street basis, what’s going on in the music world around you.

Musomap is a free online tool (an interactive Google Map, in fact!) that “invites musicians around the world to join a conversation focused on improving the way we all collaborate.”

Mix one part “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?,” one part “FourSquare,” and one part “Craigslist”—only much, much simpler—then stir!

Need help finding or building a group of musicians that can support each other in gigging, recording, and community efforts? Want to geek out with other people who are obsessed with your favorite genre? Just add yourself to the map and connect with musicians in your area, or all the way across the globe! 

The map took over 12 months to develop, and has been gaining momentum since its launch earlier this year. Its creator, Kahne Raja, says of the project: “My ambitious goal is to gather 10,000 live musicians and launch World Musicians Day on April 6th, 2013 in every suburb across the planet. My 50 year goal is to build a free online resource to help a diverse group of musician’s connect in a trusting online environment.”

Here’s how it works, straight from the Musomap site:


Step 1: Find Your Spot On The Map
Go to and either click on the clusters, use the scroll wheel on your mouse or double click the map to zoom into your local area.

Step 2: Click On The Map Where You’d Like Your New Pin To Appear
Find a local street corner, perhaps your favourite local venue, your work, or anywhere you want other musicians to find you on the map. Once you clicked your spot to join, follow the “Add me here, now!” prompt.

Step 3: Enter Your Musician Details
There are only a few basic details required. All the below details are required but nothing else is needed, it just takes a few seconds. You can clean it up later…

That’s it!
Once you’re finished you’ll be immediately taken to your profile where you can further edit any details and upload a photo.

Here are some other relevant ideas you might like to know about when setting up your profile.
Use hashtags.
Get Featured.
Message other musicians.
Create your own map of musicans and paste it on any website.
Recommend a fellow musician.
– Check your messages and get in touch with local musicians on your phone with Mobile messenger.


Have you put yourself on the Musomap? Has it helped you collaborate or find new opportunities for your music? Let us know in the comments section below.

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