14 of Our Favorite Quotes About Music

June 27, 2012{ 7 Comments }

Famous Quotes by MusiciansWords inpire. Music inspires. And sometimes words about music really inspire. Here are a few of our favorite quotes about music by musicians and music fans. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.


“Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen Quote

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”
― Maya Angelou Quote

“Pop music often tells you everything is OK, while rock music tells you that it’s not OK, but you can change it.”
― Bono Quote

“Some guy said to me: Don’t you think you’re too old to sing rock n’ roll?
I said: You’d better check with Mick Jagger.”
― Cher Quote

“Music is the great uniter, an incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”
― Sarah Dessen Quote

“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.”
― Robert Fripp Quote

“If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.”
― Emma Goldman Quote

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”
― Victor Hugo Quote

“The only truth is music.”
― Jack Kerouac Quote

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
― Bob Marley Quote

“Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.”
― Modest Mouse Quote

“When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and remember each other.”
― Rob Sheffield Quote

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.”
― Leopold Stokowski Quote

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.”
― Frank Zappa Quote

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  • Dick Weissman

    If you sing it with me, sing it like you live, and I can tell from the way you sing it how you live.


  • "Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul; on which they mightily fasten, imparting grace, and making the soul of him who is rightly educated graceful, or of him who is ill-educated ungraceful; and also because he who has received this education of the inner being will most shrewdly perceive omissions or faults in art and nature, and with a true taste, while he praises and rejoices over and receives into his soul the good, and becomes noble and good, he will justly blame and hate the bad, now in the days of his youth, even before he is able to know the reason why; and when reason comes he will recognise and salute the friend with whom his education has made him long familiar. "


  • chloe zimmer

    These are awesome, my favorite is Kerouac!

  • Bart Steele

    Bon Jovi on Songwriting:
    "You can't be a rip-off of one guy…you take a little piece of that and a little piece of this and a little piece of the other thing" "If you're gonna copy anybody, copy the best" -Nice JBJ, is that you're secret???

  • deedee

    senior year! great for my yearbook quote 🙂

  • Charles Hoernemann

    "Music is the only thing keeping the planet together" – Jaco Pastorius