From our favorite music quotes to who to follow on Twitter, we’ve definitely been crankin’ out the lists lately. And given the nature of our business, we thought it was about time for a list of what we, the staff at CD Baby are listening to. Some are CD Baby artists, some are not. But all are almost as eclectic and awesome as the staff that chose them. So without further ado, here you go (in alphabetical order by artist name):


Band/Artist: Afro-American Ensemble

Album: Free the Black Man’s Chains

Why it’s rad: This music was overlooked when it was released originally in the 70s. There are some great featured musicians who are now famous, including Daryll Hall of Hall & Oats! Most importantly, it is just a really good album.

Bryson Hanson – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: David Bromberg

Album: Use Me 

Why it’s rad: Blues legend hooking up with great bands and artists across genre lines.

 – Gary Keeney – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Dam Funk

Album: Adolescent Funk

Why it’s rad: You try not to dance! Try! I dare you! I’m seriioouss! Try!

Bryson Hanson – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Mr. Dibbs

Album: Eat Meat: The Full Plate

Why it’s rad: Over 90 minutes of beats and noise from one of alt-raps best DJs. Some notable guest rappers, too. Lots of surprises and intricacies.

– Brad Bush – CD Baby Marketing


Band/Artist: Entombed

Album: Clandestine

Why it’s rad: 666

Krysta Martinez – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Jail Weddings

Album: Four Future Standards

Why it’s rad: Fucking awesome rowdy spaghetti-western/pubrock ala Nick Cave meets Okkervil River.

– Ben Hubbird – Content Acquisition


Band/Artist: James and Evander

Album: Bummer Pop

Why it’s rad: Sweet, mellow, nostalgic, melancholy synth pop. Elements of shoe gaze, chill wave, and indie pop meld into a really pleasant whole.

 – Ben Hubbird – Content Acquisition


Band/Artist: Dr. John

Album: All Washed Up (They Say) 

Why it’s rad: Well, because it’s Dr. John and a response to the damage caused by the BP oil spill. Also digging his latest release Locked Down.

Gary Keeney – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: B.A. Johnston

Album: Hi Dudes!

Why it’s rad: He describes himself as a “failed showman” but this witty, romantic, Party Captain has the power to save music. On his 5th release, B.A. offers songs about crushes on cute librarians, brawling Sesame Street characters and the joy of McDonald’s coupon day… This album is a skid classic.

Brian Kruse – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Kishi Bashi

Album: 151a

Why it’s rad: K Ishibashi of Seattle. Multi-Instrumentalist and touring member/violinist for Of Montreal, Sondre Lerche, and Regina Spektor. This album sounds like running through a field (sans allergies) during Summer. RIYL (recommended if you like):  Andrew Bird, Animal Collective, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Rebecca McKillip – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Lion Cut

Album: Tiger Bomb

Why it’s rad: Electronic dance cats from outer space are here with the moves and a message! 100% of “Tiger Bomb” sales will go to the World Wildlife Fund’s Save Tigers Now campaign.

Brian Kruse – CD Baby Customer Service



Album: Sleepeater

Why it’s rad: Gritty, glitchy hip-hop that is built around hard drums and warbly, warped samples. Never a dull moment.

– Brad Bush – CD Baby Marketing


Band/Artist: The Movement

Album: Set Sail

Why it’s rad: Music with strong reggae influences you can blast during the summer time.

Sam Callero – CD Baby Customer Service 


Band/Artist: Os Mutantes

Album: Self-Titled

Why it’s rad: One of the best known bands from the 60s and 70s in Brazil. They stirred bossa nova, samba, and Beatles influences into a sonic psychedelic cauldron of zany and poetic rock music.

– Chris Bolton – CD Baby Marketing


Band/Artist: Papa Grows Funk

Album: Mr. Patterson’s Hat 

Why it’s rad: Great pure funk band from New Orleans carrying the torch.

 – Gary Keeney – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: The Rudy Schwartz Project

Album: Don’t Get Charred… Get Puffy!

Why it’s rad: I first heard this record almost twenty years ago, when I ran a music conference; over 10,000 bands submitted their music to play it, and this was one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.  It’s an obsessive, self-produced masterpiece very much influenced by Frank Zappa, with jokes, recurring characters, thematic cohesion, political witticisms, and unforgettable melodies.  I’ve thought of the album ever since, and it’s developed a cult on the Internet; this year, I’ve gotten back in touch with “Waldo Ham,” the genius behind the record, and I hope to re-release it on CD Baby for its 20th anniversary.

– Brian Felsen President


Band/Artist: Scorched Transmissions

Album: Scorched Transmissions

Why it’s rad: Hard-hitting avant-rap that is complex, bizarre, but still totally listenable. Crazy lyrics.

 – Brad Bush – CD Baby Marketing


Band/Artist: The Shins

Album: Port of Morrow

Why it’s rad: It’s nice to hear James Mercer fully embrace the big, bright production sounds (both bubbly and crunchy) that previous Shins’ albums hinted at. I like catchy pop music. This is catchy pop music. Stuck in the car CD player (Yes, CD player!!!) for over a month now.

 – Chris Robley – CD Baby Marketing


Band/Artist: Veronica Falls

Album: Veronica Falls

Why it’s rad:  It’s so dreamy. The harmonies are really awesome like The Mamas & the Papas or something.

– Tauna Leonardo – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: The Walkmen

Album: Heaven

Why it’s rad: I like the way this band’s sound has evolved. The record sounds intimate and mature, but never boring because of pretty, layered vocals with a post-punk sound.

Danielle King – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Jeff Watts

Album: Watts

Why it’s rad: Excellent playing and production with a killer drummer.

 – Gary Keeney – CD Baby Customer Service


Band/Artist: Luke Winslow-King

Album: The Coming Tide (feat. Esther Rose)

Why it’s rad: Sometimes you need to center yourself with a little throw back to old timey New Orleans jazz.

 – Andrea Rodriguez – CD Baby Customer Service


What are you listening to and feeling inspired by? Let us know in the comments section below.

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