How to submit music to Pandora

Once upon a time — and it was a time that lasted for a very long time — you could not submit your music to Pandora Radio unless: 1) you had a physical CD, and 2) your music was available for purchase on Amazon.

If you were a CD Baby artist, we’d help you take care of that second requirement; but musicians who preferred to release digital-only material… well, they were out of luck when it came to Pandora.

Until now.

Digital-only albums and singles are now eligible for play on Pandora Radio.

Of course the review process can still take 6+ weeks. And of course they may still tell you “no thanks” at the end of that long wait, since Pandora’s catalog (the Music Genome Project) is 100% curated by actual human beings. But accepting digital-only submissions is a great step forward, all the same. So many artists these days are releasing music exclusively in digital formats, so it makes sense to include the best of that music on Pandora.

To submit your music to Pandora today, go to

Over 75 million listeners are waiting to discover your music!

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