How do I get my music on Apple Music?

How to get your music on Apple Music?As an Apple-approved aggregator, CD Baby can deliver your music to Apple Music quickly!

We’ve been proud partners with Apple since the launch of iTunes more than a decade ago, and we’re excited to help hundreds of thousands of artists around the world get their music onto Apple’s newly announced music streaming service.

So here’s a little bit about how to get your music onto Apple Music…

In order to offer your music on Apple Music, you are required to go through a label or distributor.

If you’re already distributing your music through CD Baby, and if you’ve included streaming services as part of that distribution, then your music will be available on Apple Music as soon as it launches on June 30th.

If you’d like your music to be available on Apple Music in time for launch, sign up for worldwide distribution today — or, if you’re already working with CD Baby but haven’t distributed your music to streaming services, simply update your distribution preferences in your CD Baby members account.

Why you still need a label or distributor when using Connect

One of the most exciting things about Apple Music is that artists — once their music has been delivered by a label or aggregator — can take control of their artist profiles via Apple Connect.

You can then upload demos, backstage photos, lyrics, tour videos, and more. And your fans on Apple Music can comment on, like, and share that content via Messages, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

However, the content you offer to Apple Music users through Connect is NOT monetized, so you will still need a distributor such as CD Baby in order to earn money from your music on the streaming service, as well as getting the music onto Apple Music in the first place.

Are you excited about Apple Music? How will the music industry be impacted by this launch? Let us know in the comments below.

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