How to claim your Apple Music for Artists account

Claim your Apple Music for Artists account to control your artist branding

Musicians have even more power over their Apple Music profile thanks to Apple Music for Artists. Now, in addition to making your songs available for streaming on one of the world’s most popular platforms, you can also access a ton of tools. Streaming analytics to help you understand where your audience is listening to most, information about which playlists are driving your streams, and opportunities to interact with your fans through custom artist images are just a few of the awesome perks this channel can offer.

If you distribute music to streaming platforms through CD Baby, your music is already on Apple Music. As a CD Baby client you now also get faster verification for Apple Music for Artists, which means you can take control of your image on one of the most powerful streaming services in the world.

CD Baby is excited to announce that we’re working directly with Apple to bring you everything you need to understand your music’s impact across Apple Music and iTunes. We’re always making sure you’re the first to get access to new tools. 

When you claim your profile you’ll be able to express your visual brand on the platform, view the real-time results of your music promotion, ensure that your music catalog is accurately represented, and even see how many people are Shazam-ing your music.

How to get an Apple Music for Artists page with CD Baby:

  1. Go HERE and log into your CD Baby dashboard
  2. Select the artist you want to verify on Apple MusicAccessing your Account from the CD Baby dashboard
  3. Click “Get Started”
  4. Create an Apple Music for Artists account using your Apple IDApple Music For Artists Sign Up Screen
  5. Complete the signup process and accept the terms and conditions.The Apple Music For Artists Terms and Conditions
  6. Select the album you’d like to continue withSelecting your albums
  7. Fill out your account information correctly. You’ll include a social profile for validation. Be sure to select CD Baby as your distributor.Authenticating your account details
  8. When you get to the authentication step, use your CD Baby credentials (the username and password for your CD Baby account) so Apple can quickly identify you as the legitimate owner of your music and profile on their platformValidating your Apple Music For Artists account with your CD Baby login
  9. Your request should be submitted!The screen after you've submitted your request
  10. While your account is processing, you should see “Pending Access” below your account icon on Apple Music For ArtistsAn example of an user icon, pending access


Tons of stats and useful data for musicians

With your Apple Music for Artists profile, you’ll have access to information that can help you build your brand and reach more fans. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll see:

  • Plays from on-demand streaming
  • Average daily listeners
  • Song purchases on iTunes
  • Radio plays on Apple Music
  • Shazams (yes, Shazams!) 
  • Insights and milestones for your music worldwide (for instance, “You passed 10,000 all-time plays in Canada”)
  • Plays from playlists
  • Most played songs
  • Popular countries (with heat maps)
  • Demographic and geographic information about your listeners (by song, album, playlist, etc.)
  • And more

You can view the above stats according to customizable date ranges, or a lifetime view that goes back to 2015. Apple Music for Artists is also now available as a mobile app, so when you’re at the gig or studio you can get a quick look at how your songs are doing on one of the most important streaming platforms in the world. 

Apple Music will continue to grow globally, and as it does, it will also expand the tools and insights it offers through Apple Music for Artists. If you haven’t yet claimed your Apple Music for Artists account, get verified today.