Apple Music for Artists launches a mobile app

An easy way to see your music’s performance on Apple Music.

Apple Music for Artists is now available as a mobile app.

When you’re at the gig, on tour, or in the studio, you can get a quick look at how your songs are doing on one of the most important streaming platforms in the world.

The Apple Music for Artists app displays:

  • Plays, Average Daily Listeners, Song Purchases, and Shazams at a glance
  • Insights and milestones for your music worldwide (for instance, “You passed 10,000 all-time plays in Canada”)
  • Plays from Playlists
  • Most Played Songs
  • Popular Countries
  • And more

You can view stats according to these date ranges:

  • Past Week
  • Past 4 Weeks
  • Past 8 Weeks
  • Past 12 Weeks
  • Year-to-Date
  • and Lifetime (since June 2015)

I breezed by it pretty quickly up there, but yes, searches that happen in Shazam —  the powerful music-recognition tool — are now viewable within Apple Music for Artists! Very cool.

If you haven’t already, claim your Apple Music for Artists profile.

Then download the app!