#023 : Music (Sync) licensing – Part 1 thumbnail

See your music featured in movies, TV, radio or the web, and make money doing it! This is Part One of our two part special on sync licensing. Don’t know what sync licensing is? That’s what we’re here for! Increasingly, TV shows, films and advertising agencies are looking to indie musicians to find the perfect song for their project. Likewise, indie artists are looking to make their music available to services that can often times turn their tunes into income. Sync licensing is the process that makes this all happen. In this episode, Kevin interviews CD Baby artist Gavin Heaney (Latch Key Kid), whose music ended up in a recent Super-Bowl commercial, as well as Joey Prather, who owns Blue Scout Music, a music licensing company in Portland, OR.

The music in the show is from CD Baby Artist Latch Key Kid
The Coke commercial mentioned, can be found on the Latch Key Kid website.
Blue Scout Music can be found here.

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