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Artist management may not be the first thing on your mind when you’ve got your amp cranked up and your creativity flowing. But management is just as essential to cultivating and maintaining a successful music career as is producing killer new material. It also takes a lot of time, business skills, and connections in the music world. So, how do you manage the business side of your career and leave room for making music? This conundrum is why we sometimes turn to bookers, promoters, or artist managers to help us along the way. But is it really prudent to hand over certain responsibilities to a manager in exchange for 15-20% of your hard-earned profits? What if this manager could double or triple your music related income and get you really sweet gigs and publicity?

These concerns and more are addressed as Kevin interviews savvy artist manager and consultant, Tom Simonson. Tom shares his knowlege from both a corporate and indie perspective, helping us decide whether it’s better to look for a manager or to manage ourselves. His credits include Fastball, Mathew Sweet and David Wilcox.

Tom’s Management Website http://simonsonmanagement.com

Our Closing Song ‘Ready to Wake Up‘ is by CD Baby Artist: Shannon Hurley