#010 : Moving Rushmore – Drums, Bass, Guitar and Video thumbnail

Moving Rushmore started out a little different than most bands. When the band was just taking shape, they decided that video would be such a crucial part of what they do, that Tim (Their video guy) had to be a full fledge band member. Before they even had a bass player, they had Tim. So what does a band do with a videographer? Film everything of course! From the beginning, Patrick, Jason, Brent, Dave, Tim and later Kirk, have documented their journey on video and released it to the world in the the form of a video podcast (vidcast for short). Throw in a front page feature on iTunes, and you have the making of some serious musical momentum! Their story is a great example of how you can turn a good idea and a little DIY ingenuity, into thousands of new fans.

To download the MR vidcast from iTunes, click HERE!

To check out Moving Rushmore’s website, click HERE!

Photos from the podcast, their vidcast and more!

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