#008 : Fran Snyder – Concerts in Your Home thumbnail

Fran Snyder is a musician who’s hit on something that can truly breathe life into your musical career. In fact, his website (ConcertsInYourHome.com) receives thousands of visits each month from artists and audiences looking for a more intimate, fulfilling, and profitable alternative to the club, coffeehouse and bar gigs that most musicians are used to. The fact is, what music fan wouldn’t be tickled to death to have one of his or her favorite musicians perform live in their very own home? Music fans across the country have been coming together to provide an alternative to the loud, distracting and impersonal venues where patrons often treat performers as a fixture or backdrop to their social life. In an age of instant everything and a million distractions, Fran Snyder is doing his best to change the way we think about performers and performances. So make your self comfortable, pour a glass of wine, and give Fran and the CD Baby team a seat in your home as we share with you another special DIY Music episode.

Music for this Episode is from Nathan Dalton and his band, The Dying Californian

Fran’s website, “Concert’s in Your Home” is HERE

P.S. Join Us Next Week when We discuss Fran’s interview and share some of our own experiences playing alternative venues!