#003 : Alicia Rose – The woman behind the curtain thumbnail

Club bookers can be an elusive bunch, but they stand between you and your next gig. Who is Alicia Rose? She books the musical talent at one of Portland’s hottest clubs, the Doug Fir Lounge. Both nationally touring acts and local bands alike, covet the chance to take the stage at the Doug Fir. So what does it take to make an impression on a booker like Alicia? Well first of all, you’ve got to know how to say hello! Alicia makes it clear that getting to know the people behind the scenes is an important step that many musicians neglect and then suffer the consequences. So take her words to heart as you approach the club booker in your local music scene. Now go get your foot in the door and your band on stage!

Check out the Doug Fir Lounge click here!

(Alicia mentions these other Portland clubs in her interview)

Berbatis Pan
Ash St. Saloon

The intro theme song is by our very own Chris Robley

The featured music in episode 3 is by Boy Eats Drum Machine