Your music available in India through Hungama

Get your music heard in India and beyond!

Last month CD Baby announced an exciting partnership with Boomplay Music, making your music available to the fast-growing marketplace of streaming users in Africa. This month we’re getting your music into another huge market in India and Southeast Asia through a new partnership with Hungama.

What is Hungama?

Hungama launched India’s first and largest on-demand digital entertainment storefront, and has grown to become the country’s leading digital entertainment company. With millions of music tracks and movies across many genres and languages, Hungama is a one-stop-shop for more than 20 million consumers in India and surrounding territories. Users can select one of three types of account plans, which they can use to either stream or download content. Similar to platforms such as Spotify, Hungama is powered by by an impressive discovery, search, and recommendation engine with features to help you find music based on mood, tempo, language, genre, or era.

There’s an app for that

Hungama offers the only Indian music-streaming application with a video-streaming and download option. They recently added a number of features to encourage interactivity as well, including a Loyalty feature that rewards actions taken in the app. Users can earn (and redeem) points every time they watch videos, play or share music, invite friends, or even create playlists.

Will my music be available on Hungama?

Yes. Although Hungama primarily features Indian artists and Bollywood movies on its storefront, Hungama users will be able to access your tracks. If you use CD Baby to distribute your music to streaming platforms, we will deliver your songs to Hungama automatically, and at no extra cost. Also keep in mind that although Hungama features video as well as music, only your music will be available on Hungama. As with distribution to our other partners, we do not distribute video to Hungama.

How long will it take for my music to be available on Hungama?

It could take a few months for your music to be searchable on Hungama once we deliver it. We’re sending them thousands of songs, so it can take them some time to catch up. Once your songs are available in their catalog, users can search the Hungama site or app to find your music.

Where else is Hungama available?

Aside from their home base in India, Hungama is available in many other surrounding countries and territories, including:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Maldives
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Ivory Coast

Hungama also has plans to expand into 30 additional countries this year.

How often will I be paid from Hungama?

Hungama sends payments for streams and downloads monthly. Like all your digital music revenue, the money you earn from Hungama activity will be reported in the accounting section of your CD Baby dashboard.

Get your music on Hungama