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A letter from CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux:

Dear musicians,

Since we operate a mostly digital business, CD Baby’s team is capable of delivering the same level of service and support while working remotely. As a CD Baby client you shouldn’t notice any differences; we’ll just be working a little differently behind the scenes (telecommuting).

While it’s mostly business as usual here at CD Baby, I would like to inform you that due to COVID-19 measures, our warehouse site is temporarily closed. We will not be receiving inventory/restock or fulfilling orders as of March 19, 2020.  We currently plan to resume shipments April 6, 2020.  We will continue to monitor and update as needed.

If we have asked you for restock, but you have not shipped yet, please hold those shipments.  If you have restock or new title orders in transit, we’ll receive and process those as soon as we resume warehouse operations.

I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge the very real struggles you could be facing right now: financial hardships from cancelled gigs or tours, inopportune timing for big promotional campaigns, or even fighting illness yourself.

We’ve compiled a list of resources if you need assistance, music industry advice, tips on talking to your audience about how they can support musicians during this pandemic, or just some ideas on how to make use of your time while “social distancing.”

Please know that everyone at CD Baby is hoping you stay safe during these most unusual times.


Tracy Maddux (CD Baby CEO)

P.S. While practicing social distance, let us know what you’re creating. Tag us on Instagram (@cdbabymusic). We want to highlight in our Stories some of the best videos and music, as well as any tips you have for making the most of self-isolation. Also, if you see other people helping the music community in unique ways, let us know. We want to spotlight those acts of kindness too.