CD Baby Pro: Collect All Your Publishing RoyaltiesDo all of these criteria apply to you?

* You record and release original music.

* The music you’ve written is being sold, streamed, or performed live.

* You like being paid money that you’re owed for the usage of your music (who doesn’t?).

* You have NOT inked a deal with a major publishing company.

If the above describes you, you need CD Baby Pro!

We created CD Baby Pro to help you solve a problem you might not have even known existed in the first place —getting paid all the publishing royalties you’re owed for your original music.

Whenever your music is streamed online, sold internationally, played on the radio, used in films/TV/games, or performed in a live venue — the songwriter (that’s you!) is owed money.

This money is being collected and held by collection agencies around the world. But even if you’re affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization like ASCAP or BMI, that’s just one piece of the puzzle (since they only collect and distribute some performance royalties). With CD Baby Pro, you’ll be set up to collect everything you’re owed — not JUST global performance royalties, but also international and US mechanical royalties too.

It’s simple: when you sign up for CD Baby Pro, you retain 100% of the rights to your music; we collect all the royalties you’re owed and pay them to you weekly!

For more details, click HERE.

Already a member of ASCAP or BMI?

Not a problem. CD Baby Pro can benefit you too. We’ll register your songs worldwide (something that performing rights organizations will not do) — so you’ll be sure to collect maximum performance royalties. Plus, we’ll collect your mechanical royalties for international downloads and worldwide plays on streaming sites like Spotify and Rdio that are growing in popularity every day.

* CD Baby Pro is currently only available for US-based artists. More countries coming soon!

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