CD Baby Pro revolutionizes how artists get paid for their original music

Since 1998, it’s been our mission to help independent artists build a career on their own terms.  This is why we’re very excited to announce a new service that gives independent musicians more control — and more ways to make money from their original music.

CD Baby Pro represents a huge step forward, giving independent artists the ability to collect both international and US royalties they were previously denied, while still retaining 100% of the rights to their music.

The concept is simple: every time a song is purchased, streamed, or played in a public setting (including radio, TV, internet, venues, and more), the songwriter/composer is owed a publishing royalty. But until now, it’s been nearly impossible for independent artists to collect all these royalties on their own. We created CD Baby Pro to solve this problem and make it easy for artists to get paid what they deserve.

Here’s how it works

* We affiliate the artist as a songwriter with ASCAP or BMI. (Already affiliated? Not a problem! CD Baby Pro benefits you too.)

* We register the artist’s original songs with ASCAP, BMI, and all the collection agencies around the world.

* We collect the global publishing royalties on the artist’s behalf.

We believe CD Baby Pro is the beginning of something truly revolutionary for independent artists. Musicians can now claim royalties that were previously only paid to the big publishing houses and major labels — including international and US mechanical royalties. Artists can capitalize on a service that reaches far beyond the local Performing Rights Organizations to collect online streaming royalties, foreign download royalties, satellite radio, and more.

Already affiliated with ASCAP or BMI? 

Not a problem. CD Baby Pro can benefit you too. We’ll register your songs worldwide (something that performing rights organizations will not do), so you’ll be sure to collect maximum performance royalties. Plus, we’ll collect your mechanical royalties for international downloads and worldwide plays on streaming sites like Spotify and Rdio that are growing in popularity every day.

Go Pro today and earn the most money from your music!

CD Baby Pro is now available for all US-based artists. It costs just $99 per album and $39 per single.*

For existing CD Baby artists, CD Baby Pro is now available as an add-on. The upgrade to CD Baby Pro takes minutes to complete and costs $59 per album or $39 per single.

* CD Baby Pro also includes CD Baby’s full arsenal of distribution and promotion services.

You never know when, where, and how your music will take off — so make sure you’re prepared to capture maximum revenue from your original songs.

Earn the most money from your music with CD Baby Pro.

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