Attending the DIY Musician Conference in Nashville

Now accepting submissions for seminars at CD Baby’s 5th annual DIY Musician Conference.

The DIY Musician Conference is the only music industry event focused exclusively on the needs of independent artists. We’re looking for instructors who’ll help make it an action-packed, action-oriented weekend for the emerging and career musicians that attend.

This year we’re hosting the conference in Austin, Texas from August 16-18. 

What makes a good instructor at the DIY Musician Conference?

Above all, you understand the needs and ethos of independent musicians and have something of real value to teach, something that attendees can implement in their careers RIGHT NOW without requiring a monster budget, bigwig connections, or some followup course. You are there for them, not the other way around — and we encourage all instructors to be present for the entire conference experience.

We’re looking mostly for seminar or workshop-style presentations. We’re less interested in panels. We want instructors more than presenters. We want hands-on activities and specific examples in your slides. It shouldn’t feel like a college lecture. While the conference will have several inspiring keynotes, we want the rest of the sessions to be tactical.

Give us the goods on making, marketing, or monetizing music in 2019.

To see a list of preferred session topics, and to submit your idea for a presentation, please go HERE.