Reason #3 to attend CD Baby's DIY Musician Conference: valueJoin us in Chicago at the Congress Plaza Hotel (September 30 – October 2) and get more out of a $99 ticket than you ever thought possible.

Well, we checked the list and once again, “Independent Musician” did not make it onto the “Highest Paid Professions” list. Someday. But until then‚ the reality remains that every dollar counts when you’re doing this on your own. Since the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference is unlike any other‚ we thought the price should reflect that‚ too.

Music conferences of this scope can easily cost upwards of $300‚ if not more. And what do you get? A bunch of industry schmoozers who love to hear themselves spew buzzwords. That’s not our style. We want our $99 price tag to open up this event to everyone‚ and to provide value you’re not going to see from any other conference.

Attend the DIY Musician Conference

Plus‚ with the money you’ll save on entry‚ coupled with our special hotel rate‚ you can make the most of being in Chicago‚ where there’s always plenty going on during non–conference hours.

Ever played a show in Chicago? We had multiple artists last year who booked gigs the same weekend as the conference, helping cover part of their cost and reaching a new live audience in the process!

Tickets for our 2016 conference are on sale for only $99. We expect this event will sell out‚ so grab your ticket now! We’ve also got hotel accommodations hooked up for the event at a special rate.

Click HERE to learn more about all the events at the conference or to buy your tickets. Also, check out reason #1 and reason #2 to attend the DIY Musician Conference.

Planning on attending? RSVP on Facebook to meet fellow attendees before the conference‚ and to keep up on the latest developments. Hope to see you in Chicago!