Pandora Premium is on its way.

We knew it wouldn’t be too long after their purchase of Rdio that Pandora created an on-demand streaming service. Already in 2016 they’ve rolled out new services and features through Plus and AMP, and now they’ve announced that Pandora Premium — an interactive streaming platform — will arrive early next year to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

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Important: If your CD Baby distribution preferences include streaming platforms, we will automatically deliver your music to Pandora Premium. However, Pandora may still play some curatorial role in the contents of their interactive catalog (like they do with their non-interactive catalog), so we cannot guarantee that your music will be included.

According to early reports, for a monthly subscription fee (which is rumored to be $10), users will get:

  • access to millions of songs on-demand
  • ad-free streaming
  • the ability to save music for offline listening
  • smart playlists that combine your own curation work with Pandora’s recommendations (fueled by their extensive Music Genome)
  • a personalized playlist of every song you’ve given a thumbs up
  • personalized search functions based on your listening habits
  • personalized “browse” sections

Rumor has it the color of the app also changes according to the color of the artwork associated with the current song. And Pandora Premium will also be integrated in some way with the existing Pandora radio service, so radio stations and thumbs (for voting a song up or down) will appear during on-demand streaming.

Will Pandora Premium prevail?

Pandora has a hard fight ahead to gain ground on Spotify and Apple Music, but one interesting factor in the equation is that Pandora will have multiple tiers to appeal to many different kinds of users: Free, Plus, Premium.

What do you think of this upcoming service? Holler with your predictions in the comments.