CD Baby’s SoundCloud Integration Goes to Phase II!

No, that’s not phase III; it’s phase II+! Earlier this summer we announced a partnership with SoundCloud that allows CD Baby to deliver your music to a SoundCloud account for you, saving you the hassle of extra uploading work.

Now, we’re going to save you that same hassle, but flowing in the opposite direction: FROM SoundCloud—TO CD Baby.

Why upload audio twice when we can do the work for you? 

Starting today, when you sign up a single song for CD Baby’s worldwide distribution service, you now have the option of either uploading the audio to us directly (as always) or letting CD Baby pull the track from your SoundCloud account.

If you opt for us to pull the audio from SoundCloud, you’ll then be asked to authenticate your account and choose the track you’d like us to import. It takes seconds—literally.

We can accept WAV, FLAC, and MP3 file formats (minimum of 128kbps) from SoundCloud. Also, the track must be in stereo (NO mono) and at a 44.1kHz sample rate.

Why can’t CD Baby pull your whole album from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud does not organize music in terms of albums, only single songs and playlists. For this reason, we can’t import a full album from SoundCloud. So you’ll still have to upload that yourself.

What if I don’t have a SoundCloud account?

Well, we love SoundCloud—so hopefully you’ll create an account with them sometime down the line. To save yourself a few steps when you do, go ahead and upload your audio directly to CD Baby during our signup process. Then, at any later point, you can log into your CD Baby member account and select to have us deliver your music to SoundCloud for you. You can create a SoundCloud account at that point.

We know time is precious for DIY artists, and we hope our partnership with SoundCloud will help you bypass some of the busy-work so you can get back to the fun stuff.

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