Embrace the Madness!

It’s that time of year again at HostBaby – we’re stirring the cauldron, cackling maniacally, and in the mood for October Madness.

It’s your chance to get a year of hosting for way below our normal price, but this year we’re sweetening the deal even further: Not only do you get 13 months of your very own website, but you’ll also get…

Free CD Baby distribution for 13 months!

All you have to do is log into your account, pay $199, and you’ll receive 13 months worth of hosting credits and access to as many distribution coupons as you need during that same time period.

That breaks down to only $15.30 a month, instead of the standard $20. You’ll save $61, eliminate your monthly bill, AND get FREE CD Baby distribution to use whenever the mood strikes you.

Already paid ahead a few months? No problem: the 13 months will get added to your total.

Just log into your account here to make your $199 payment and save!

Not a HostBaby member already? Sign up today‚ get your discount, and create a site your fans will love.

Feel the madness flow through you as you save $61 and release music at will!

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