Get 50% off when you switch to CD Baby from Tunecore or Reverb Nation

Soon we’ll celebrate St. Valentine’s day, giving out tokens of love and dressing up in pink and red clothing (or “amorous array” as Leonard Cohen might say).

To show our appreciation for independent artists everywhere, we’re continuing our “CD Baby Loves You More” campaign, giving musicians 50% off  the price of an album or single song submission when they switch to CD Baby from their current distributor (Tunecore, Reverb Nation, etc.)

Why CD Baby is the smart choice for independent musicians:

1) No annual fees! (and no cancelation fees)

2) Sell your music in over 60 digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.)

3) Worldwide CD and vinyl distribution (to over 2000 brick and mortar record stores)

4) Sell your music on Facebook with our new MusicStore app.

5) Sell direct-to-fan (vinyl, CD, mp3, on your website or blog)

6) Make money when your music is used on YouTube!

Click HERE to get 50% off when you switch your distribution to CD Baby.