Someone’s been looking through old baby pictures of CD Baby

Shopify wants to take you on a trip down Memory Lane, which happens to wind right through the middle of “the eCommerce Graveyard” (where you get to see how 37 popular websites used to look once upon a time).

In a recent article, Shopify takes a look back at the early history of eCommerce:, eBay, L.L. Bean, Pizza Hut, Dell, The Gap, Nike, Expedia, Best Buy, Apple… and CD Baby! 

Well, we’re thrilled to be included in a list of “big brand-names,” especially since CD Baby started (almost accidentally) as a 2-man operation working out of a garage.

And while we are, of course, still quite alive and kickin’, we HAVE retired more than a few versions of our website to the eCommerce graveyard. It’s nice to see that Shopify has exhumed this little blast from the past to feature in their article about popular websites before they were famous:

As the article says, “Although [these sites] seem simplistic, unintuitive, and kind of ugly, at the time they were cutting-edge, and they paved the way for what ecommerce is today.

Or as fellow CD Baby-er Molly King just said (quoting Loretta Lynn), “We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!”

14 years later, and we’re still helping artists overcome the obstacles that face today’s DIY musicians! If you’re a CD Baby artist, thanks for being part of the ride; there are many great things ahead. If you’re not a CD Baby artist, get started now!


What’s been your favorite iteration of our homepage? Do you miss the green & purple? How about the baby face? Let us know in the comments section below.