Photo from NBC.
Photo from NBC.

Wondering who won The Voice last night?

Sawyer Fredericks, the 16-year-old songwriter from upstate New York, was announced as the winner of  The Voice, NBC’s popular music competition show, now in its 8th season.

Fredericks has distributed his music through CD Baby and hosted his website via HostBaby for a while now, so we were psyched to follow his progress on the show.

Sawyer was the youngest contestant on The Voice this year but he seems to have an old soul, singing gritty blues and Americana inflected songs by the likes of Ray LaMontagne, The Soggy Bottom Boys, and John Fogerty.

He was humble about the victory. “I’m feeling great and I kind of want to get back to the farm just to have a little bit of a break from all of this, so I’m excited to get back home,” said Fredericks. “I do not want to move to L.A.!”

Congrats to Sawyer on the win, and I hope you get some rest soon back on the farm.

Check out Sawyer Fredericks on CD Baby, his website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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