Berklee Onlineberklee has created a special mini curriculum for CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference, happening this October 23-25 at Chicago’s Congress Plaza Hotel.

The folks from Berklee Online will host three sessions on Saturday (10/24) in the Buckingham Room, including:

1. “Stop Making Cents: Why Data is the New Dollar.”

In this discussion, Mike King, Chris Moon, Chandler Coyle, Colleen Theis, and Tracy Maddux will cover the overall mechanics‚ best practices‚ and successful techniques behind the collection and utilization of fan data.

2. “Online Marketing and Sales for Developing Musicians.”

Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic explores the tools and opportunities that bring artists and fans together like never before.

3. “Music Production 101: Recording and Producing in ProTools.”

Mike King and Chrissy Tignorl help you jump right into Pro Tools with this session exploring modern electronic production and recording techniques in the DAW.