The 300th episode of the DIY Musician Podcast

The Indie Revolution Continues

When we started the DIY Musician Podcast back in 2007, we never imagined we’d get to episode 300 — with many more episodes on the way!

What an incredible journey it’s been to see independent musicians leading the charge through so many twists and turns in the industry. Most of the innovation over the past 15 years in how people make music, reach fans, and build a career happened because artists outside the label system took chances and tried new things.

15 years of grassroots music conversation

With the help of early guests like Dan Zanes and Lisa Lepine, all the way to recent episodes featuring artists like Jackie Venson and Gil Assayas, we’ve tried to keep our podcast grounded in inspiring stories, honest talk, and actionable advice that applies to DIY artists who manage their own careers.

In episode 300 we look back at those fifteen crazy years in music history to see what’s changed (a lot), and what that might mean about the future — because the Independent Revolution continues!

In this episode we cover:

  • 10 radical shifts in music since our first episode
  • The origin story of The DIY Musician Podcast
  • Some fun memories from the early days of CD Baby

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