Favorite DIY Musician podcast episodes

We just released our 300th episode!

That’s a lot of info about building & sustaining an independent music career.

If you’re new to The DIY Musician Podcast, we don’t expect you to binge from the beginning (although we recently heard from a listener who did, and they thought it was a fascinating trip through several music revolutions).

So we compiled a quick list to get you started. Here’s…

Ten of Our Favorite Episodes

#288: Is social media dead for musicians?

Is social media working for you? Or do YOU work for social media? Does the “content” you create actually draw people deeper into your music?

In this recent episode we get real, gripe a bit, and then talk solutions — so you don’t have to feel like a hamster on a wheel.

#018 : Duff McKagan – Lose Your Illusions

Kevin talks to Duff of Guns N’ Roses (one of his favorite bands), all about going indie and building a healthier life in Rock & Roll.

#043: Tom Jackson – Creating Moments On Stage

This conversation shifted the way I see performance and practicing. Tom gives great advice on how to turn live gigs into a string of unforgettable moments.

Great shows don’t have to be left to chance.

#136: Mary Gauthier – Love, Trouble, and Indie Success

This is a story of depth, craft, and perseverance.

Kevin talks with the incredible Mary Gauthier about following your own vision as a songwriter and artist.

#175: The Authentic Artist Branding Bootcamp

In this episode we lead artists through some exercises to better describe their own music. It’s one of my favorites because we recorded it live and afterwards we talked with the artists in the room about their results.

If you’ve struggled to come up with an elevator pitch for your music, this episode is for you.

#173: Kevin Breuner – Cutting Through the Noise

Kevin says he was super nervous for this one because it was his first keynote speech at a big conference. I couldn’t tell though.

It’s a good pep talk for artists who want to differentiate themselves in a crowded scene or genre. He balances actionable tips with some inspirational indie ethos.

#180: How to get your music on Spotify playlists, Pt 1

We still point to this episode all the time whenever someone asks how to get on Spotify playlists.

This conversation goes into the process of finding appropriate user-generated playlists for your songs, pitching your music, and building your Spotify presence from the ground up.

There have been a few changes to Spotify artist profiles since we recorded this episode, but the overall message stands.

#194: Why you never need to tour…EVER! 

Kevin remembers this one as an energetic live podcast taping at our DIY Musician Conference. I remember fighting through a headache from the night before.

Either way, it was a good conversation about alternative career paths for artists who can’t or don’t want to make a living as a road warrior.

#265: How artists make money from sync licensing

Since starting the podcast back in 2007, sync licensing has completely changed the way unsigned artists can earn money and find listeners.

In this convo, we talk about how independent musicians can increase their chances of getting a song placed in film, TV, games, and commercials.

#284: Releasing music for the first time

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the weeds and break things down to basics. This episode is for artists just starting out.

Where do you begin when you’ve never released music before? Well, this episode!

Bonus Episodes:

#002 : Lisa Lepine – Moving your music forward!

The late (and great) Lisa Lepine was a friend and music-marketing mentor who actually inspired the “authentic artist branding bootcamp” episode above. She helped us towards the start of our podcast journey by being our FIRST interviewee. Well, technically Dan Zanes was the first interviewee, but Lisa’s conversation was released first.

#167: The 4 pillars of a successful performance 

People loved the conversation with Tom Jackson so much we invited him back! He breaks down the keys to a killer live show.

What’s your favorite episode?

If you’ve been a long-time listener, I’d love to hear what episodes stuck with you. What did you find most helpful? Anything we got entirely wrong? (Yes).

Holler in the comments.