Argghh! May– that frustrating time when the seasons haven’t quite made up their minds yet, flitting between cold snaps and heat waves.

There’s one good reason to be thankful that it ain’t summer, though! You’ve still got time to put your summer gigging, touring, and festival calendar together– and we want to help.

May is going to be “Touring Month” here on CD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog, with lots of great advice from bands who’ve made a living taking their music from town to town. But we also realize that few musicians have the opportunity to hit the road for weeks or months at a time.

With that in mind, we’d also like to make sure we offer some performance tips that don’t require you to quit your day-job or take extended leave– from the basics of booking, to putting the perfect setlist together, to creating memorable moments on stage.

So, what are the topics you’d like to learn more about when it comes to performing, booking, travel, tour promotion, etc? 

Please let us know in the comments section below, and we’ll try to incorporate that info into this month’s theme.

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