Myspace has released a video featuring an upcoming reboot of the ailing company’s flagship social platform. As you can see, the video does an amazing job of showcasing what looks like the future of social media. In fact, it makes Facebook look like the Model-T of interface design. And it raises the question: Did Justin Timberlake actually know what he was doing when he invested heavily in the purchase of the company from News Corp last year?

But will a slick new interface bring back the users that have been fleeing Myspace for years now? And is the new Myspace really as easy and sexy as the video makes it seem?

The new design does seem to borrow heavily from the Pinterist-style photo-montage layout, while integrating music and social aspects.

It’s hard to tell what the future will hold for Myspace based on just 2 minutes of video, but it would be quite a feat for the former social networking giant to catapult back to the forefront of music and social media.

Are you ready to dust off your old Myspace account and give this new version a spin? More importantly, do you still remember your password?

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