The Fan-Funding Smack-Back: Point/Counterpoint

Matt De Mello interviewed Eric Victorino from the band The Limousines about their recent crowdfunding efforts on Kickstarter (after several soured relationships with labels).

Though the campaign is going quite well for the band, raising over $36,000 with 20 days still left to go, De Mello says he thinks fan-funding is “a shameful way to go about making a record.”

Victorino says De Mello is thinking like “a stuffy business person” and accuses him of living in the past. The interview heats up from there.

Read the full transcript HERE

What do you think of crowd-funding?

Are tools like Kickstarter and RocketHub fueling a new kind of creative entrepreneurship? Or is it a glorified form of begging? Let us know in the comments section below.

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