HostBaby's New Site Builder!
We’re pleased as punch to announce the debut of HostBaby’s new pro website builder. We’ve been hard at work over the last year designing a unique tool based on the needs and feedback of the artist community. It’s a easy-to-use custom website builder made just for independent artists and it’s packed with features and tools for growing your fan base online.

The best part is that you can try the new HostBaby Site Builder for Free!

In addition to HostBaby’s standard tools like a custom blog, newsletter manager, photo gallery and slideshow, gig calendar, music player (and more) we’ve added some really cool updates and a brand new interface.

Note: If you’re a current HostBaby client you can email us at to switch the new HostBaby Site Builder. New sign-ups will automatically be set up with the Site Builder.

What’s New?

OnSite Theme Editor

See the OnSite Theme Editor in action in a short video tutorial!

Using the HostBaby OnSite Theme Editor

The Onsite Theme Editor is an innovative web editing tool that allows you to determine the look and feel of your website down to the smallest detail. Onsite editing allows you to make instant changes and observe how those changes affect your site in real time.

While every website theme is designed and ready to go, you can choose to reinvent any of our themes to reflect your own personality.

Simply choose the area of your site you want to edit (whether it’s your header, footer, body, or title area) and then select the fonts, sizes, backgrounds, and colors you prefer.


With our drag-and-drop widget feature, you can easily embed calendars, videos, purchase buttons, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and more. Simply select one of our pre-designed widgets like our ListBaby newsletter widget or calendar widget and drag it into position. Use the code snippet widget to add an application from anywhere else online. Just copy your code, paste and save!

HostBaby’s built-in widgets include:

Code Snippet
Paste or type in your code to embed videos, slideshows, social media buttons, and more.
Text Widget
Add text, links, and pictures.
Show up to 5 coming events from your calendar page.
This is your newsletter signup form. Build your fan list and send them weekly or monthly updates.

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Pages

Create as many pages and sub-pages as you wish. Add a separate bio page for each member of your group, a music page for each of your albums, or create a separate blog page for each of your creative projects. The possibilities are endless.

With our built-in drop down menus, you can arrange pages and sub-pages so your navigation bar remains intuitive and clutter free.

These are just a few of the our new features. Learn more about our tools here.

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