Every career musician probably remembers THE moment, the moment of transformation, like an epiphany, like a blast of ecstatic knowledge, of purpose.

For me, I was a little kid, sitting in my family room in 1991 listening to Paul Simon’s concert in Central Park on Westwood One radio.

For people in my parents’ generation, it may’ve been seeing the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan or hearing the Velvet Underground on their friend’s record player.

For folks younger than I, maybe you saw Fall Out Boy on MTV, or sat stunned in a concert hall watching a symphony orchestra while on a field trip, or started playing around on a “borrowed” copy of Logic.

Less of a conversion experience, for before that you were simply wandering in the wilderness, and more a feeling of homecoming, the moment hits you like a clapper against a bell, ringing through your whole body, resonant and clear.

You say “I am a musician, now and forever.”

OK. OK. I know. I’m embellishing a bit. But you probably can relate to that feeling I’m talking about.

So what was it? In the comments section below, we’d love to hear YOUR story!

-Chris R. at CD Baby