Ah, the good old days– back before I was born: when white pants and congas were the rage.

To anyone who is in a band that is “not well known yet” and has to “do their own loading and unloading”– find this book; read this book. The pictures are worth whatever price you’ll pay to order a rare copy. Looks like today’s rate on Amazon is a whopping $3.40!

But the text, ah… well, lemme simply quote a few memorable examples:

“Dressing rooms are not always available everywhere the group entertains. But the members of the group always find some place to get themselves ready. They know that how they look is an important part of their image.”

“The two songs are recorded in two hours. Then the group takes a well-earned break, and chats about what’s happening in the entertainment industry.”

“Solos can be the most difficult. Rich is out there all alone.” 

“Being good enough to cut an album is an exciting achievement for a rock musician.”

“At two o’clock in the morning, the performance is over. The other members of the group have packed up and gone home. Now Rich Moyers is going home, too. It’s the end of another exciting day in the life of a rock musician.”


The language of a different era. But maybe things haven’t changed so much after all?

A Day in the Life of a Rock Musician