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CD Baby is placing music by many independent artists in high-profile TV shows and films, and you could be the next success!

Want your music to be used in film, TV and other media? CD Baby’s sync licensing program has placed an impressive amount of songs on every major network, in big budget films, and on many of the popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

We’re here to help you find every opportunity for your music to reach new listeners and drive revenue. This has resulted in more CD Baby artists being showcased on major networks and streaming platforms than ever before. So far in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2021, our sync program has seen 50% growth in terms of songs placed compared to those two quarters in 2020. That means a lot more sync earnings for artists too.

“Independent music has increasingly grown in importance in the sync licensing world in recent years,” says CD Baby’s sync licensing manager Brett Byrd. “More and more productions are looking to independent libraries, like CD Baby, to supply them with the perfect song.”

Your song could be next!

If you’re still scratching your head a bit, we’ve also got a great introduction in our sync licensing guide. Start there if you’re curious about what it is, and why you should be considering it for your song releases.

Here are some highlights of our sync program just this year:

13 songs in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6:

Rony Jordan Flow – “Arcoiris”

Maxima Alerta – “Ay Lola”

Mel V Blaze – “Cocina”

DJ Ricky Campanelli – “Cocomaninbo”

Qbanoamerikano Pico – “Cuba Linda” and “Mu’ Cha Chabana”

Gamblers Mark – “Hellride”

Zandoka – “Hijos de la Rumba”

El Taiger, El Keru and DJ Conds – “Nada Que Ver Con Na”

Metanium – “Realidad” and “Resistiendo”

Charity Daw – “La Rubia”

Niko G – “Buscandote”


Mac Computers – Mulka Social Film – Apple – OKA – “Wet Season”

Love Hard – Netflix – The Lubben Brothers – “Holly Jolly Christmas”

Good Threads – Amazon – Cienfue – “On the Back of Your Neck”


The L Word – Showtime – Sonya – “Kenarami”

Basketball Wives – VH1 – Megan Thee Stallion and Eva Madison / Christophe Petrel – “Body”

Cocaine Cowboys Trailer – Netflix – El Micha – “No Hagas Planes”

Nude Tuesday – Cornerstone Films – Andrei Krylov – “First Fantasia for Renaissance Guitar”

Republic of Sarah – CW – Merrill Collins – “He Shall Feed His Flock”


Spotify UI 2021 – Spotify – Various Artists

Blindspotting – Starz – G Sidh – “Credit Card (feat. J. Statik)”

Law & Order SVU – NBC – Symba – “Hold On”

Heels – Starz – Striker – “Play to Win”


Charmed – CW – Sam Girl – “Valentine”

Physical – Apple TV+ – Hurricane Express – “Rock and Roll Man”

Cruel Summer – Freeform – Lowdown Brass Band – “Can I Kick It?”

Cruel Summer – Freeform – Swim – “Signals You Send”

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard – Summit Entertainment – The Jaedes – “Uh Uh What Did I Do”

Oral B commercial (MENA) – Independent Productions – AShamaluevMusic – “Positive Acoustic”

Delilah – OWN – Sydni Marie – “Something Outta Nothing”

Spotify “Outside Voice” intro content – Spotify – Jernormous – “Wonderland”


Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu – Fearless Soul – “Fix You”

United States of Al – CBS – Qais Essar – “Blushing Dawn (Bhairav)”

A Black Lady Sketch Show – HBO – Wanigotthejuice – “Henny Ho*”

Resident Alien – SYFY – Luíza Boê – “Cocoon”

Kate – Netflix – Electronicole – “Muden Na Girl”

Resso content Brazil – Resso – Edy Lemond – “Tuts Tuts Quero, Ver. 2: Calma Amor Tem Pra Todas (feat. DJ Lucas Beat)”

Texas 6 promo – Paramount+ – Fearless Motivation – “Go Hunt Your Dream”


Claws – Starz – Chyna Cimone – “Hood Baby”

A Black Lady Sketch Show (Promo) – HBO – Wanigotthejuice – “Henny Ho*”

Rutherford Falls – NBC Sports/NBC Universal – Royal Wade Kimes – “Apache Kid”

Rutherford Falls – NBC Sports/NBC Universal – Rod Richmond – “Green Means Go”


On the Rocks (Film Trailer) – Apple TV+ – Venti Petrov – “Assemblé No. 1”

9-1-1 – Fox – Inferious – “Nightmare Vision”

Muletown In The Round – Red King Productions – Paul Overstreet – “Bad on the Beach” and “Somewhere in the Caribbean”


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Netflix – Black Angel – “Bullet to the Head”

Clarice – CBS – Benny Weinbeck – “Whatever Happened To Romance?”

Bonobos Spring Golf ad – Bonobos Inc. – Marchfourth Marching Band – “Freestyle for Miles”

In the Dark – CW – Dolce Wang – “Dorian”

That’s in addition to the many great placements

we’ve secured over the years. Below are selections of some of our favorites:


NCIS: New Orleans – CBS – Arsene Delay – “Comin’ Home”

Thrasher Magazine Video – Acid Moon and the Pregnant Sun – “Save Me and Sparrow”

American Gods – Starz – Gluttony – “Death Is Only the Beginning”

American Gods – Starz – Gravebomb – “Morbid Machine”

Legacies – CW – The Hohohos! – “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

Legacies – CW – Anthony Bruno – “Jingle Bells”

Long Way Up – Apple TV+ – Los Espiritus – “El Árbol De Los Venenos (feat. Bombino)”

Long Way Up – Apple TV+ – Cienfue – “Life in the Tropics (Instrumental)”

LA’s Finest – Spectrum Originals – Get the Shot – “Rotting Idols”

Seal Team – CBS – Wayne Manby – “Fool”

Seal Team – CBS – Brano Likic – “Čovej S’juga”

AP Bio – NBC – Jesse Woods – “Broken Cowboy”

Trafficked – National Geographic – Black Mambo – “Ritual”

90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined – TLC – Missy Alcazar – “Salamt Sa Iyo”

Street Food; Season 2 (Latin America) – Netflix – Ayres De Los Andes – “P’al Carnaval” and “Flamenco Andino”

I Am Not Ok With This – Netflix – Paddy The Wanderer – “Tied Up”

On the Rocks – Apple TV+ – Venti Petrov – “Assemblé No.1”

The Neighborhood – CBS – Calliope Of NY Museum Of Transportation – “Burning of Rome”

Hawaii Five-0 – CBS – Brooks Jefferson – “Friends in Low Places”

Sonic the Hedgehog – Paramount+ – Wyley Randall – “I’m Turning ‘Em Up”

The Resident – Fox – Bob Zoom – “Wheels on the Bus”

All American – CW – 8 Graves – “See You Again”

Various Artists – Spotify User Interface Demos – Spotify

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home – USA – Sancuari – “Asia Finnuhat”

Mythic Quest – Apple TV+ – The Terrordactyls – “Fall”

Southside – Comedy Central – Steve Butler feat. Ron Haynes – “Shakedown”

The Challenge – MTV – Davie Allan & the Arrows – “Straight Shooter”

Kidding – Showtime – Rich Flo – “Baliw”

Insatiable – Netflix – Ahmari Lia – “Holiday Road”

Amazon Alexa Demo for developers – Amazon – Veio – “Crux”

Charm City Kings – HBO – She-Uno – “Get Back Up”

Holly and Ivy – Hallmark – Tracy Payne – “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”

In the Dark – CW – Danny Carnahan – “Walking Around Your Brain”

Bonobos Holiday – Bonobos Inc. – Jazz Connection – “Return of B.O. Plenty”

Coyote – CBS All Access – Organizacion W – “No Saben Nada (feat. Ill Wero)”


Schooled – ABC – Fanoko Singers – “Happy Kwanzaa”

Lucifer – Netflix – American Gonzos – “Ain’t the Best”

Grace and Frankie – Netflix – Aloe Blacc – “A Million Dollars a Day”

Stranger Things – Netflix – Hurricane Express – “When You See Me”

Stranger Things – Netflix – Al Hazen – “Is It a Sin”

What We Do in the Shadows – FX – Tol-Puddle Martyrs – “Time Will Come”

What We Do in the Shadows – FX – The Mad Maggies – “Kirghiz Eyes”

Detective Pikachu – Legendary Entertainment – David Wahler – “Kyoto Mist”

Young Sheldon – CBS – Lynda Carter – “Take me to the River”

Young Sheldon – CBS – Hoodoo Rhythm Devils – “Crazy About Oklahoma”

Nautica ad – Nautica – Annabelle Chairlegs – “Pipeline”

Facebook videos – Genero – Various Artists – Nine songs

Seal Team – CBS – Matt Mannucci – “Love”

Queen Sugar – OWN – Rachael Teixeira – “The Dark”

Black and Blue – Sony Pictures – Slim KuttaR – “My Lady”

Black and Blue – Sony Pictures – Alfred Banks – “Homecoming” and “My Lady”

Black and Blue – Sony Pictures – 3D Na’Tee – “No Luck”

Hawaii Five-0 – CBS – Prince Kalani Kinimaka – “Ke Kali Nei Au”

Ikea Canada – Rethink Communications Inc. – The oHha Band – “Dans-Syndrom”

Past Favorite Sync Placements

Magnum PI – CBS – Rian Basilio And The Roosters – “Girl From Hilo”

Camping – HBO – King Jones – “She Devil”

The Romanoffs – Amazon Prime – Lungz – “20/20”

Dynasty – CBS – Graveyard Club – “Stay Young”

The Classic Youth – “Priorities” – The Affair – Showtime

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia – VICE – Richard Jurgens – “Red Rock” and “Mountain Meditation”

The Last Tycoon – Amazon Prime – Big Band Sounds – “Topsy”

States of Undress – VICE – Zack & Geebah – “No Peace No Love”

States of Undress – VICE – Deng – “They Vex”

MTV’s Wonderland – MTV – Quin – “Galacticats”

Lucifer – Fox – Hot Bodies in Motion – “Gout and Old Habits”

Keeping Up With The Joneses – 20th Century Fox – Ron Pivovar – “Keith’sTune”

Doubt – CBS – Talin – “I’m a Beast”

Vice Principals – HBO – Cassidy Byars – “Cadence Level 2”

Watch Dogs 2 – Ubisoft – Prayers – “Gothic Summer”

States of Undress – VICE – Zack & Geebah – “No Peace No Love”

Realtor.com ad – Realtor.com – Moonchild – “Back to Me”

Tmobile ad – Charlie the New Kid – “Jump Jump”

Jeep – Doner – Fearless Motivation – “I Didn’t Come This Far To Only Come This Far (The Journey)”

Conde Nast brand reel – Conde Nast – Cassidy Byars – “Apollo: Level 2 Cadence”

Why do music supervisors want to work with CD Baby?

In short, our sync placement team is really good at what they do, and they’ve formed relationships with music supervisors working for dozens of networks and streaming platforms.

“With our diverse catalog of commercially released music, CD Baby has a strong and successful track record with TV and film producers, advertisement agencies and music supervisors,” says Byrd. “Because our music is pre-cleared by you, the artist, it makes CD Baby a great resource to pitch and place content in your favorite productions.”

There’s serious money to be made in sync licensing

Placing your music in popular media isn’t just a great way to get exposure for your songs; there’s real money to be made in sync licensing! When your music is placed, we negotiate the upfront fee according to a few variables with the party who’s placing your music, and those fees can reach some pretty impressive numbers. AND that revenue is growing. 

Plus, it’s just cool to tell your friends and family your song is on the latest hit show everyone’s talking about.

Want your music featured on a big TV show or movie?

Opt in for sync licensing now!