Don’t bore us. Get to the chorus. 

You’ve got to hook them upfront. YouTube videos are like pop songs; They’re best enjoyed and shared when short and catchy. YouTube is proving there’s some truth to Andy Warhol’s saying that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Only now, 15 seconds may be all you get.

To help you capture your audience’s attention, the Official YouTube Blog has offered some good advice on how to make the first 15 seconds of your video irresistible:

Make compelling content first…

  • Start off with something that will immediately grab attention, whether it’s what you say or a stunning visual
  • Make it clear what your video is about early on, so viewers aren’t confused about what they’re watching
  • Tease the rest of the video so the audience is intrigued to see where you take them.

…share your channel branding later.

  • A flashy intro may look cool, but it’s not the star of the video – let them see you, or your great content, first
  • Make your branding compelling by making it entertaining or unique to each video

Check out the full article HERE.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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