Not everything has to be a major production

Sometimes less is more. Next time you want to create video content, don’t stress about complicated concert shoots with multiple cameras and capturing good audio. Don’t hire a director and spend $1000 on props. Instead, think small. Set up a camera wherever it’s convenient and try one of the following:

* Record a 45 second rant in your backyard about something that annoys you. Politics? Banjos? Noisy breathers?

* Do a mini-interview while driving to your next tour-date about the meaning behind your best song.

* Sit on the couch and talk about where and why you’ve gotten stuck writing that half-finished love ballad, and what your writer’s block says about the condition of modern man.

* Recommend your top-5 favorite new tunes by other artists, but include one that you actually hate. Say something about why you love each song, and make your fans guess which one is the bad egg.

* Highlight the best or worst moments from your last show. Maybe your fans have seen you play a hundred times, but they might never have heard YOUR take on the performance.

Obviously none of these are prescriptions. You can mix and match or come up with your own casual, silly, easy-to-film idea. Just make it short, entertaining, and a unique experience that fans won’t get by listening to your albums or attending your shows.

If you’ve posted any casual, day-in-the-life kinds of videos, please feel free to post a link in the comments section below!

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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