YouTube for ArtistsA new resource made specifically for musicians on YouTube

YouTube has made a couple announcements this week that should have a big impact on musicians.

First, they’re rolling out a new mobile-friendly system called “Cards,” which will replace annotations but serve a similar function — helping you link your viewers to additional videos or playlists, providing extra information, etc.

Second, they’ve launched a new site called YouTube for Artists, which could be seen as a music-centric version of their Creator Hub.

It’s a series of resources aimed to help musicians build a YouTube following, increase engagement, and drive more revenue.

YouTube for Artists includes:

* information about free video production resources

* tips on how to use your YouTube views to chart on Billboard or get played on satellite radio

YouTube will also soon provide new data tools such as:

* city-level location stats for viewers (which could help you route smarter tours and choose the optimal times to publish new videos on YouTube).

* a tally of views for both official videos and user-generated content (videos uploaded by your fans that use your music)

For more info on how to use YouTube’s tools to build your music career, check out YouTube for Artists.

Are you excited about YouTube for Artists? How important is YouTube to your music career? Let us know in the comments below.

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