Headliner.fm is a music website where bands reach new fans by trading recommendations. From big budget major label acts like Travie McCoy and One Republic to indie musicians gigging in DIY venues, bands of every conceivable genre are using Headliner.fm to reach new fans. Since Headliner.fm launched in February of 2009, over 26,000 bands and artists have registered for the service. Why have bands flocked to Headliner? Headliner’s service is unique. Many sites offer bands opportunities to upload their music and slowly gain fans, but only Headliner offers users the ability to reach the fans of thousands of other bands in real-time.

Check out the TOP FIVE WAYS TO Reach new fans on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace using Headliner.fm.

1) Reach new fans: Bands and Artists with accounts on Headliner.fm have a combined fan base of over 88 million music fans. Every day more than 3 million music fans are reached by messages via Headliner.fm. Get started by signing up for Headliner and creating promotions. Send your promotions to bands on Headliner whose fans you think will like your music. Those bands will see your promotion and, if they like it, send it on to their fans via Twitter, Facebook and Myspace as a recommendation to their fans.

2) Build a list of Artists who like your music: As you use Headliner, you’ll start to connect with artists who like your music and who are comfortable recommending your music to their fans. Keep a list of these artists, so you can run promotions with high acceptance rates and reach fans who will like your music. With a pro account on Headliner, you can rerun successful promotions with a single click, so doubling up on successful campaigns is just a button awa

3)Create A Contest: Running contests is a great way for small bands to make big waves. Fans love contests, and Headliner.fm is a great platform to set them up. Choose a small to midsized prize, perhaps a t-shirt or poster, and send out a message that gives fans an opportunity to win that prize by promoting your music. Something simple like: “Retweet this to win a t-shirt signed by (your band’s name)”. Then insert a link to your music in the message, and send it out. A pro account on Headliner will let you keep track of how many retweets your promotion has received.

4) Promote a video: Social media isn’t about selling; it’s about communicating. Promoting a video through Headliner.fm is a great way to communicate with new fans online and to build awareness about your music. Nationally touring acts like Travie McCoy and fun. have used Headliner to drive thousands of viewers to their Youtube pages, and you can do the same with a small effort. Just set up a simple promotion; insert a link to your newest video, and send it out to some bands. Headliner will keep track of the results, so you know exactly how many fans you have reached.
5)Earn Band Bucks: Band Bucks are the virtual currency that powers Headliner.fm’s economy. When you create a promotion on Headliner.fm, it has a cost in Band Bucks. Creating promotions on Headliner can burn through your Band Buck supply, but luckily there a few easy ways to get them back. You can earn Band Bucks by accepting promotions. Everytime you recommend another artist to your fans through Headliner.fm, you will receive a share of Band Bucks based on the number of fans you have. You can also earn Band Bucks by inviting other bands to join Headliner.fm. Everytime a band you invite to the system joins, you’ll earn 10 Band Bucks for every fan they have.

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