Instagram Reels can feature your music

How to quickly run Instagram Reels as ads.

Meta is really pushing short-form video these days.

And the latest proof is a new BOOST button on Instagram Reels.

This gives you a simple way to run Instagram Reels as ads to audiences beyond your organic reach.


What kind of Instagram Reels can be boosted?

You can boost Instagram Reels that:

  • Are less than 60 seconds
  • Have a 9:16 aspect ratio (full-screen vertical)
  • Do NOT contain 3rd-party content such as copyrighted music, GIFs, interactive stickers, or camera filters
  • Are NOT cross-posted to Facebook

Boosted Reels will show up in the feed, Stories, Reels tab, and Explore page.

What Instagram Reels SHOULD you boost?

Remember, boosting something only guarantees more people will see it, not that more people will love it.

So I’d think of the boost button as way to add fuel to the fire for Reels that are already doing well organically.

I wouldn’t expect an underperforming post to suddenly go viral just because you boost it.

Learn more about advertising on Instagram and Facebook here.