MusicStore on Facebook

Important note: the default landing tab for a Facebook Page is only visible to people who have NOT already “liked” your page. Returning fans and Page administrators will see the band’s wall upon visiting your Facebook Page, but the MusicStore will still be displayed as a tab on the left-hand sidebar. 

These instructions apply no matter what tab you’d like to set as the default for your Facebook Page. But for our purposes, we’ll be talking about how to set your MusicStore for Facebook as the default landing tab.

Within a few hours of CD Baby announcing the launch of our new MusicStore for Facebook, we’ve already got a few thousand artists using it. Very exciting! And the emails are already rolling in asking how to set the MusicStore as the default landing tab on a band’s Facebook Page. It’s a fairly simple process. So, here goes:

1. Click “Edit Page” in the upper right-hand corner of your band’s Facebook page.

2. Click “Manage Permissions” from the left-hand sidebar navigation

3. Click the “Default Landing Tab” drop-down menu.

4. Select “MusicStore”

5. Click “Save Changes.”

That’s it! Now, when someone visits your Facebook Page, the first tab they’ll see is your MusicStore. So make sure you’ve got an awesome Artist Mix selected so people can listen to your music, embed a YouTube video so folks can watch you perform, and let your fans purchase your albums and singles!

-Chris R. at CD Baby

If you’re NOT an existing CD Baby artist, click HERE to begin using our MusicStore for Facebook!