Since CD Baby enables you to make all the music you distribute through us available on SoundCloud with the push of a button, I thought it’d be a good idea to list some of the ways you can use SoundCloud to promote and share your music across the web.

10 ways to promote your music with SoundCloud

  1. Share your music publicly-

    SoundCloud was designed to be the simplest way to store your tracks in one place and “push them out” to social networks, blogs, etc. You can easily share single tracks or “sets” (a playlist of songs that all appear in one waveform player) to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more– or embed the SoundCloud player manually! Just click the “share” button on the player to get started sharing your music with the world.

    When it comes to fan engagement, there are dozens of possibilities for sharing tracks and sets on SoundCloud: ask for feedback on alternate mixes, encourage your fans to create their own “perfect setlists,” post an untitled track and ask for fans to comment with their suggestions for the song name, etc.

  2. Make it easy for bloggers to access your tunes-

    SoundCloud makes it easier for you to do your own digital PR. Send your tracks to bloggers and journalists; you control whether they can download the tracks or simply stream them.

  3. Share your works-in-progress privately-

    Got some new material that you’d like to share with select fans? Are you collaborating with an artist across the country? The same private sharing feature that helps you manage your digital PR enables you to offer exclusive content and to solicit feedback from your producer, label, friends, or bandmates without having to “release” the tune to the world.

    SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

  4. Give away free tracks
    SoundCloud lets you offer tracks as free downloads. Choose a few of your best tunes and let fans download them for free. It might help your music go viral.
  5. Stay engaged: check your comments, and comment on others’ waveforms

    One of SoundCloud’s coolest features allows listeners to leave comments at specific points in the waveform. “Hey, I love this chorus!” “That guitar solo should be louder.” And so forth.

    Be sure to check your comments, reply to your listeners, and leave comments on other bands’ songs as well!

  6. Join “Groups”

    There are all kinds of genre and location-based “groups” on SoundCloud. Pick out a few that you think your music would be right for, join ’em, and submit your tracks. It’s a great way to build a little online community that could lead to sales and gigs down the line.

  7. Host a remix contest

    Check out SoundCloud’s advice on hosting a remix competition. Then post all your song’s individual tracks and enlist your fans to make some killer remixes.

  8. Follow, follow, follow

    SoundCloud, in many ways, is a social community– consisting of content creators, listeners, critics, bookers, and more. You can be both a listener and creator. You don’t need to follow every person that follows you, but it’s wise to follow anyone who’s actively engaged with your music. After all, those are the people most likely to share your music with their own friends and followers.

  9. Explore extra features

    Whether you use the features of a Premium SoundCloud account (display artwork, additional player widgets, etc.), build a custom player like Band Of Horses or The Golden Filter, or “hack” the SoundCloud player yourself, there are plenty more options to explore when it comes to sharing your music.

  10. Use SoundCloud’s “Buy Links”

    SoundCloud allows you, via your track/set settings, to include links in the player that point people to where you’re selling your music on and offline. Be sure to send listeners to CD Baby so they can purchase your CDs, MP3s, and vinyl!

How do you use SoundCloud? Has it been an effective promotional tool? Let us know in the comments section below.

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