How to add your music to Instagram Stories

Your songs can be used in Stories on Instagram.

Instagram Stories are huuuuuuuuge right now, with at least 400,000,000 users creating and viewing Stories on Instagram every day.

For the average person, adding 15 seconds of a song to their Story is a great way to convey a feeling and make Instagram content more engaging. As an artist, Stories give you a creative way to promote your specific music through Instagram.

With your music and IG Stories, you can promote:

  • A show or tour
  • A new single or album
  • Back catalog songs, by pairing them with new fun visuals
  • Merch items
  • Pretty much anything

And because Stories are casual, you can experiment without too much worry. They’ll disappear in 24 hours anyway!

[For info on connecting your Instagram Stories with a song, album, or playlist on Spotify, go HERE.]

Getting your tracks added to the music catalog on Instagram Stories is simple.

CD Baby clients can opt-in for Facebook Monetization. It’s included with distribution, so there’s no extra charge. Then we’ll deliver your music to Facebook and Instagram (Instagram is owned by Facebook).


If you’ve already opted in for social video monetization on Facebook, your music might already be available in Stories.

Now that doesn’t mean your entire back catalog will be available there right away. Instagram is adding new tracks as they can, so it’s possible you’ll find some of your songs there and not others. Give ’em some time though, and you’ll eventually be able to add all your songs to Stories.

Different ways to use music in Stories:

  1. Choose the song, then shoot the video — You can select the track first, and then create video that goes with the song.
  2. Record the video, then add the song — You can add the exact clip after you’ve shot some video.
  3. Music with a still image — Go crazy with text, GIFs, whatever.

How to add music to your Stories on Instagram

1. Tap the dog-eared FACE icon at the top of the screen.

2. Tap “MUSIC.”

3. Search for your artist name.

4. Scroll to the section of the song you want to include.

5. Add any other text or filters, and publish it!

How to get your music on Instagram

Share songs to Stories from Amazon and Soundcloud!

You can now share songs from Amazon Music and Soundcloud directly to Instagram and Facebook stories. Both platforms offer this ability as part of the “Share” feature. Just click that button on Amazon Music or Soundcloud and you’ll see Instagram Stories as one of the choices.

Have you done something creative with your music in Instagram Stories?

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