You can now post links to your music on Spotify within Instagram Stories

How to post a link to your music on Spotify as an Instagram Story.

Two days ago I was wishing there was an easy way to post links to my music on Spotify from within my Instagram stories. Yesterday Spotify announced you can now share links to any music on Spotify as an Instagram Story! This includes playlists, artists, albums, or individual songs. There are similar plans for Facebook stories in the works.

Instagram is now a powerful promo property for your songs on Spotify.

Maybe this handy feature has been in the works for a while, but I prefer to think that Spotify developers are psychic and swift. ; )

Anway, it’s easy. And awesome. It gives you a chance to drive streaming activity using a wildly popular aspect (stories) of a wildly popular social platform (Instagram).

No more screenshots with messages like “Click the link in my profile.” These stories link right to Spotify!

I posted a link to my Instagram account last night to test it out. The steps are listed below.

Using Spotify’s new promo tool on Instagram.

Here’s how to post a link to your music on Spotify as an Instagram Story:

  1. Find the music you want to share on Spotify (must be done within the Spotify app)
  2. Click the ellipses to open sharing options

    How to add Spotify links to your Instagram Stories

  3. Select “Share” (you might have to scroll down to see this option depending on screen size)
  4. Choose “Instagram Stories” (this will open up your Instagram app and populate the music as a story)
  5. Click to add text, emojis, filters, etc.
  6. Press “Your Story” to post the link as an Instagram Story (Important: trust that the link will appear! See below.)7. Once the story is posted, the link will appear. It’s a bit disconcerting to not see the link while you’re creating your Instagram story, but here’s what it will look like once you post as a story (note: this is for a DIFFERENT song than the screenshots above — Spotify didn’t just change things on me ; )…

Pretty simple. And (can you tell I’m excited?) pretty awesome. If you already have an Instagram Stories habit, well, this gives you one more option in your bag of tricks. Share away!

And hey, if you wanna hear the aforementioned “chicken choir/mouth-trumpet/kazoo solo,” please go HERE and cluck along.