We’re thrilled beyond measure that so many artists are already using CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook, the easiest way to sell MP3s, CDs, and vinyl directly to your Facebook fans (and have CD Baby handle all the busy-work like order fulfillment, credit card processing, customer service, accounting, etc). It’s a very simple process to set up the MusicStore, but just to make things crystal clear for anyone who has questions, we figured we’d compile all the related articles into one post.  Click on the highlighted text next to each number to see a detailed article for each topic.

1. What is CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook- Well, not to be overly redundant, but it’s a free, customizable app that easily integrates with your band’s Facebook Page so you can sell music direct to your fans. This article has the details.

2. What is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Profile?– In order to use CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook, you’ll need a Facebook Band/Artist Page, as opposed to just a personal profile. This article will explain what the benefits are to having a Page.

3. How to set up a Facebook Page for your band– This article explains in a few easy steps how to create a Page on Facebook to promote your music.

4. Activating your MusicStore for Facebook in 3 easy steps!– Just like the title says. Follow these steps (and watch the quick video tutorial) and you’ll be selling your music on Facebook in less than 5 minutes.

5. How to set your MusicStore as the default landing tab on your band’s Facebook Page– Follow these steps. It’ll take you less than a minute and it’ll ensure that the first thing your fans see when they visit your Facebook Page is your MusicStore!

6. How to change the display order of the tabs on your band’s Facebook Page- Here are a few simple steps to make your MusicStore more visible to your Facebook fans.

7.  Our complete MusicStore on Facebook FAQThis MusicStore FAQ is the place where you should find the answer to any other questions you may have.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

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