Note: CD Baby’s MusicStore for Facebook (the easiest way to sell music on Facebook) is designed to work in conjunction with a Facebook Band/Artist Page. If you only have a personal profile on Facebook, you’ll need to create a Page in order to start selling MP3s, vinyl, or CDs with the MusicStore. 

Why you should create a Facebook Page to promote your music career

When you first sign up for Facebook, you create a personal profile. It has information about YOU (where you went to school, where you work, what your favorite books are, and such). If you’re a business, band, artist, or brand, you want to set up what is called a “Facebook Page.” How? Click HERE for instructions on how to setup a Facebook Page for your band. But if you’re wondering why you might want to use a Page instead of a Profile to promote your music on Facebook, here are just a few of the reasons:

Anyone can see your content – With an artist profile page, all Facebook users can go to your page and see your content.  They do not have to be a fan or have your approval.  This makes it easier for your content to be shared with other Facebook users.

Fans, not Friends – An artist Page allows anyone on Facebook the ability to become a “Fan.”  This means they can choose to see your content in their live stream without having to get your approval.  This is ideal for music fans.

Multiple Admins – This feature is a must for bands and helpful for the solo artist as well (especially if you’re on tour).  It allows everyone designated with “admin status” to post as the band or artist.  Admins also have the ability to make changes to the Page details.

Facebook ads – Of course anyone on Facebook can run a Facebook ad, but one of the most effective ad campaigns for an artist is a campaign designed to increase the fan numbers on your artist page.  This type of campaign can only be accomplished with a Facebook artist profile page.  How is it different?  With a normal ad, you might link to your official website where users might click through to find out more about your music and then move on to other web browsing.  With an ad geared towards increasing your Facebook fans, when a user clicks through they are becoming fans of your page and your content will now show up in their Facebook stream increasing the chance for interaction with you and your music.

Page Insights – Also known as analytics, this section of the profile page gives you all the info you need to improve your Facebook marketing efforts by showing you info like impressions per post and a full demographic breakdown of your fans and page visitors.

-Chris R. at CD Baby

P.S. Check out this video for easy instructions on how to set up a Facebook Page for your band.


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