SplashMakingTweets-Obama 1. 790,000 re-tweets for a hug 

After being re-elected, Barack Obama’s official Twitter account posted a picture of him romantically holding the first lady in his arms.

790,000 users fell in love with the presidential tweet – and made it the most re-tweeted of all times.

Lesson learned: there’s nothing like a sneak-peek into someone’s little personal moments; share those with your followers; let them experience the person behind your great music. Just ask Obama’s campaign team, who waited 3 months to post this pic, which was actually taken back in August 2012. Someone was just waiting for the right tweet.

2. Here’s looking at you, kid 

This twitting frenzy started with Jessica, a 14-year-old Belieber from Australia, who wondered how it felt like being noticed by her favorite pop idol. The 19-year-old star gave her the answer by re-tweeting. Over 2,000 re-tweets were posted in a matter of hours.


Lesson Learned: Sharing is Caring. Care for your followers as much as they care for you – pay attention to their tweets. Answer any question they may ask and address them as personally as possible – just like JB did. Trust him; with over 45 million followers, the kid’s a pro.

3. Jokes give you a leg up

Angelina Jolie wanted to turn heads when she wore a deep-slit dress to the 2012 Academy awards. When she stepped onto the red carpet, her right leg got more than attention – it got its own Twitter Account.

@AngiesRightLeg tweeted its first words (“I’m a leg, get a load of me!!”) during the award show; 2 days later, there were over 27,000 followers.


Lesson learned: Lighten up! Put some humor and jokes in those tweets. People love a good laugh, and they will still continue to take your music as seriously as they do now.

4. Ready, Set, Tweet!

Ashton Kutcher was amongst the few celebrities who realized Twitter’s immense potential back in its early days in 2009. In April of that year, Kutcher decided his account would be the first to be followed by 1 million users and he sure was confident. The actor started an online race against CNN’s Twitter account – which was heading the same way – and promised to donate to charity if he wins. Guess what: several days later he won and wrote his victory tweet as Twitter’s first millionaire.


Lesson Learned: Think outside the box. Think of new ways you can use twitter, and other things you can accomplish with it. Kutcher, for example, tweeted his way into history.

5. To BUST or NOT to bust your twitter up?

Meghan McCain, columnist and daughter of the republican senator John McCain, wanted to enjoy a quiet-night-in of reading and tweeting back in October 2009. She put on a low-cut pajama tank top, grabbed her Andy Warhol biography, took a “selfie” and tweeted it.

Little did she know what a scandal she would make: while some users hailed McCain, thousands of other users were outraged by the supposedly revealing image, and caused a viral riot. The busty journalist threatened to leave Twitter – but eventually apologized and deleted the pic.


Lesson Learned: You are an awesome artist, and sure, you can spice things up – but don’t overdo it. Keep it sexy, but subtle – and basically, G rated.

There’s a lot to learn from celebrity tweets: Mostly, how to get noticed – which is so important for musicians and can be done with Twitter! It could be a funny tweet, a sexy one – or one that’ll make you go “aawww” and grin while using Twitter. Let’s face it, none of us have the Obama campaign team behind us, but if you’re not sure how to do it, there are many tools that can help you; a great example is SOCIOPAL, which offers advice on exactly what and when to tweet, for FREE.

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